Membertou Land Code Vote

E-voting opens:

April 27, 2019

Polls open:

June 7 & 8, 2019

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“A Land Code is created by a First Nation to replace the sections of the Indian Act that deal with land management.”

Once a First Nation approves its land code through a community vote, the Government of Canada no longer has a say in how it's reserve lands are managed. 

A land code has NO IMPACT on Indian Act tax exemption, and does not impact the reserve status of our lands.

A land code PROTECTS our lands from being taken from us, and enables the First Nation to resume governance over all lands and resource management issues.

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Dear Members of Membertou,


The time has come for us, the community, to decide whether we wish to govern our reserve lands through our own Membertou Land Code or continue to be governed
through the land management provisions of the Indian Act...

(Click to read the letter)

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What is a Land Code?

A land code is the land law developed by a First Nation to replace the lands administration sections of the Indian Act.  It protects our lands from the Government...(click to learn more!) 


Why have a Land Code?

Through our land code we can protect our cultural heritage, provide more funding opportunities, support economic growth, enforce land laws on reserve...(click to learn more!)

Have a look at the information videos below
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How do we develop

a Land Code?

Through community engagement, your Membertou Governance Committee is working hard to develop our own land code.  It needs YOUR VOTE to pass!

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